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The YURT dome innovation 2024


Because of the Yurt dome, I can proudly recommend our dome resorts. I myself also staying one of our Yurt dome.
Sarah H.



180 panoramic view

Designed by T-evergreen

Our Geodesic tents are specially designed for mountain and seaside views, offering a 180-degree panoramic perspective. They allow customers to connect closely with nature and create memorable experiences with their loved ones.If your location boasts stunning views, Geodesic tents can enhance the value and generate returns for you throughout the year.We are ready to make your dreams come true. Thank you.

Available Sizes: 4 meters, 5 meters, 6 meters


Nature in Luxury

Designed by T-evergreen

We designed this tent to be taller and more spacious to ensure every customer feels completely relaxed in luxurious style. Modern design gives guests a sense of luxury as they walk in.If you want to expand your business channels for your café or restaurant, Yurt is another new option that meets customer needs, contributing to a sustainable business future.

Available Sizes: 4 meters, 5 meters, 6 meters



Designed by T-evergreen

ntroducing the DINO Dome Tent – a new and innovative product that stands out with its unique design. Crafted to be taller and more spacious, the DINO tent ensures every customer experiences complete relaxation within its comforting embrace.

Its luxurious design not only captivates but also leaves a lasting impression on every guest. When our family used the DINO tent on our latest adventure, we were delighted with the comfort it provided. The excellent ventilation system kept us cool during the day, making our trip truly enjoyable.

Available Sizes: 4 meters, 5 meters, 6 meters

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  • ANNEX (ห้องเสริม 1.4 และ 1.6 เมตร) (1)
    ANNEX (ห้องเสริม 1.4 เมตร )
  • ANNEX (ห้องเสริม 1.4 และ 1.6 เมตร) (5)
    ANNEX (ห้องเสริม 1.6 เมตร )
  • หัวเตาแก๊ส-APG-มินิ
    APG-CS01 หัวเตาแก๊ส APG มินิ
  • AWNING (กันสาด2.5 x2.5 เมตร ) (8)
    AWNING (กันสาด 2.5×2.5 เมตร )
  • AWNING (กันสาด 2x2.5 และ 2.5x2.5 เมตร ) HARD CASE (5)
    AWNING (กันสาด 2.5×2.5 เมตร) HARD CASE